Weekend Kickoff Five!

TGIF and Happy Good Friday to everyone out there in radio land.

Question: Am I the only one who thinks old radio DJs who said things like, "hello out there in radio land" in a super cool/suave/groovy voice are the coolest? 

If I was one of those radio DJs

I would put The Shins latest two records on my weekend playlist to broadcast over the airwaves. Since I'm not a radio DJ, I'll put it on my Spotify playlist! Or Google Play Music! Or Amazon Prime Music! Or vinyl records! Or reel-to-reel tape deck! Or Edison recording machine! Or! iPod! Or! Sony Walkman! Anyway, you get the point.  If you want something good to listen to this weekend, join me in listening to the albums "Heartworms" and "The Worms Heart."

Check out the album covers:

Heartworms came out first and blew my mind in March of 2017. Later that year, The Worms Heart came out and took all of the songs from Heartworms and flipped them on their heads! What do I mean by a song being flipped on its head? For example, let's look at my favorite song off of Heartworms called "Mildenhall." The song is a cool stripped down acoustic guitar track. Check it out. I'll wait. Now that you're back, find and pull up "Mildenhall" again but this time on the flipped album The Worms Heart. It's a retro inspired rocker driven by a cool old electric piano sound and vocals with hiccup-y delay. So, if you know anything about me you'll know that I love rock and roll. Particularly 50s rock and roll. So hearing my favorite song off the last album souped up like that pretty much blew my mind. I hope you enjoy both records as much as I do. Cool story bro.

Philosophy funtime!

Alright, hear me out here. I'm not a philosopher but I've been working some stuff out and I'm really jiving with this combination of conventional wisdom: Follow-through PLUS Iteration. Here's what I mean. We all know that it's good to finish what you start. But, I often slow myself down wondering if I'm doing whatever project I'm working on correctly! I think to myself, if I'm not doing it right I could be wasting my time! This is where iteration come in.

The concept of iteration is one that's used by app developers and the like in Silicon Valley. The idea is to send out a "minimum viable product" as soon as possible, learn what's wrong, fix it, and then release the updated version of the product right away and once again, learn what's wrong, fix it, release it, etc. etc. If you can convince yourself that this iteration thing makes sense then you don't have to worry so much about whether your project that you're struggling to follow-through on is going to work out. Crank out the project. Take a look at it. How does it look? Some parts look great! Others aspects not quite what you were hoping? Now you take those not quite so good aspects and you have a new project to follow-through on! Keep up the good work! You're moving forward and feeling good about your mistakes because they are helping you make progress!

Does that make sense? I hope so! Reach out if you want to talk about it some more!

Have a great weekend!